garland alternatives

Garland Galore

I love garland period. If I could redo my wedding I would have garland everywhere. For those of you thinking about having garland strands for your event, know that it will cost you anywhere between $6-$25+ per meter (cost dependent on the lushness, types of greenery, and types of flowers).  If you are absolutely dead set on having these beautiful strands of magic for your event, but don't have the big bucks for the big, bold, lush garlands, here are a few cost saving alternatives.

1.       Ask your florist to cut the greenery into short stems and place them tastefully on the table.  When it comes down to it, the least amount of work your florist needs to do, the less amount of money you will pay. With garland, a lot of the cost is labor – cleaning, trimming, binding, storing.  You can also tuck your own items into the greenery afterwards to ‘fill it up’ – party favors, fruits, bowls of candy, potted plants, candles, picture frames, menus, etc.

2.       Go fake. Although it is not always cost effective to go this route (especially if you are buying higher end quality), the great thing about going fake is you can buy the vines and greenery far in advance and not worry about them drying or tearing.  You can also try and sell it afterwards!  Calgary Wedding Buy and Sell and Calgary Wedding Swap and Shop are not only great places to check for used wedding items, but to also sell your no-longer-needed items. 

3.       Ask your florist to mix and match cheaper and more expensive types of greenery, trust me no one will know the difference. Yes, it might not look exactly like the picture you printed, but it can look pretty darn close. Question is, do you trust your florist?