My First Wedding Show

A purpose driven event that redefines the traditional trade show as an interactive experience for couples to plan their wedding together, topped off with a faux reception gala immersing you in your dream wedding.

I am so excited to share that I have signed on to be a vendor at Engaged! When Jasmine and Monica approached me about this new wedding show I was beyond thrilled.  I have been approached throughout the year by other wedding shows to purchase a booth and have had to decline for various reasons, but the main one being I simply could not afford it.  Not only do I have to pay for the booth, but I also have to pay for the hard cost of flowers and hired help for processing, set up and take down.  Believe it for not, but a wedding show could be upwards of $6000.00 for me. 

Photo Credit: Justine Milton 

When I think about showcasing at a wedding show, I always imaged it to be a platform for florists to one-up each other to 'stand out' in a friendly but competitive nature.  But in order to compete I would need the best flowers, best design, best everything.  And if this were the case, I would be dead last because I simply do not have the financial means to compete in this wedding show game.  So when Jasmine and Monica introduced how they wanted the florists to showcase their work at Engaged I was sold within 2 minutes of the meeting.  I appreciated that they understood how much it costs and how much time and energy is invested into an event.  Engaged has thoroughly thought out the wedding show and reinvented it to be something else.  It has honesty changed the perspective that I previously had on wedding shows, and excited me to sign up to be a vendor.  If you are looking for deals and swag bags, this is not the show for you.  However, if you are looking to hire a team of creatives that care about their clients,  that would put in 110% to help you achieve your dream wedding, and that want to be at a show that encourages vendor collaboration, then this my friend is the show for you.  I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with this show.  There are no cost guessing games for the attendees, what you see in the Inspiration Showcase will be broken down in cost from each vendor.  Genius!  I love this idea in particular because when I was planning my wedding, Pinterest was my go to for inspiration but little did I know NOTHING on Pinterest was in my budget when I started approaching vendors with these photos. With the Inspiration Showcase the attendees can get a visual of what to expect for 'x' amount of dollars and they can to see exactly what each item on the table costs.  Mega, mega bonus, the floral centerpieces get auctioned off at the end of the night at the Gala!  I have to admit that I am not a business person, and when brides come to me and tell me about all these great ideas they have and show me these amazing pictures, but give me a budget of $1000.00... that quickly becomes an awkward conversation.  The hard truth is $1000 is just enough for personal flowers (bouquets/boutonnieres) and maybe 2 arrangements. 

If you haven't dozed off from reading this yet,  I would highly encourage that you check out Engaged!  There are only a limited amount of tickets per time slot, so definitely head on over to reserve your spot now > and be sure to come say hello!  I will be in the Flower Gallery with the ladies behind Flower ArtistryCreative Edge Flowers and Chickweed Cottage and would love to hear more about the wedding of your dreams!