DIY Holiday Mason Jar Arrangements

Here's a fun and easy diy mason jar arrangement tutorial. Materials needed include: 2-3 mason jars (mine is from @driftwood.decor), a pair of shears, a few of your favorite flowers and greenery and a pair of gloves for those sticky, spiky buggers.  Ready? Let's begin!

Step One: fill your mason jar with clean, luke warm water.

Step 2: add 2-3 pieces of greenery in each mason jar. Don't forget to clean off the bottom of the stems going in the water! Pictured in mine are cedar, pine, and salal. Tip: don't fight with the shape/curve of your stems.  If they are curving to the right, stick them in the jar on the right to give your arrangement a naturally flowing aesthetic. If you are using cedar or pine, I would suggest putting some gloves on first.

Step 3: add filler flowers or more greenery.  Pictured in mine are seeded eucalyptus in the middle, and fir and pepper berry on the right.

Step 4: now for the fun part.  Flowers!  On the left I've added green skimmia flower, in the middle green trick and white cabbage, and on the right red skimmia. Again, be sure to clean off the stems of the flowers going in the water - this includes removing any foliage and thorns. At this point your greenery will start to shift.  This is ok!  Let them fall where they may and position your flowers to work with your greenery.

Step 5: fill your jar with all the pretty flowers you love!  On the left, I have an anemone flower, a single cymbidium orchard bloom, and a single rose (coffee).  In the middle I've added an anemone flower,  and a burgundy chrysanthemum spray.  On the right, a red rose and a white mini carnation. 

Close up of left jar

Close up of middle jar

Close up of right jar

Ta-Da! Easy peezy right? Tip: make this a girl friend's night.  Flowers are typically cheaper by the bunch at your local grocery shops (Costco, Safeway, Sobeys, etc), however supporting small flower shops is a pretty awesome option too! Have fun and tag #fallforfloralsdiy so I can see your pretty work <3