DIY Arrangement

Choosing the flowers.

Before I start with creating any arrangement, I begin by having a color scheme and basic design in mind.  Though it typically doesn't end up the way I plan, having something in mind gives you direction.  I have been trained to create the 'classic' look, which is what you typically see in the grocery store freezer.  But since designing on my own, in my home studio I have started experimenting with mixing the popular 'organic' look to create what I call the 'orgassic' look (LOL!)

When choosing flowers, keep in mind of the container you will be arranging in.  Do you have enough flowers? Or do you have too many?

For this arrangement I will be using the following flowers/greeenery: quicksand and earl grey roses, ranunculus, anemone, helleborus, lisianthis, stock, podocarpus, israeli ruscus, italian ruscus, seeded eucalyptus, cotton, twigs from my backyard and moss.

In your container of choice, cut a piece of oasis to size (the oasis should fit snug).  For this particular arrangement I have opted to include moss on top to cover a little bit of the oasis block.  Using a sharp knife or shears, cut the foliage at an angle and push into the oasis.  An inch of the stem should be in the oasis.  Don't be afraid to pull the stems out and try and few different angles.  Placement of the foliage is key to helping map where the flowers will go.

Once all the greenery is secured in the oasis, you can start placing the flowers in!

I typically start with determining where my focal point will be and with which flower (usually the largest bloom).  Once that has been established the other flowers should work in harmony with the focal flower.  

Things to keep in mind:

  • make sure you are cutting the stems at at angle.  This allows for better insertion into the oasis and better 'water drinking' for the flowers.
  • insert the stems at angle to create dept and dimension. Otherwise your arrangement will look 2D.
  • try to spread out the colors rather than clumping them together to create a well balanced and esthetically pleasing arrangement.
  • greenery can be removed or replaced if it is competing for space on the oasis block.

Here is a close up of my favorite flower the helleborus (hanging on the right)!! Oh what beauties.

Ta-da!  The 'Orgassic'!  Your arrangement is complete!  Now, take lots of pictures (from all angles), study them, compare them, and do it again! My design aesthetic has come a long way, and I would like to thank the florists on Instagram and Pinterest for sharing their work.  When I first started out designing on my own, I would spend many, many hours staring at a photo of an arrangement and try to piece the placement of each flower in my head.  To this day, I still don't have a 'recipe', but rather an understanding of shapes and colors.  I love what I do because every arrangement is different and designed with intention, even when the same flowers/greenery are used.  The floral industry is forever changing, and it's been so much fun learning, growing, and experimenting with the trends.  I would love to see how your 'orgassic' turned out! Please email me your photo! Or tag me on Instagram!

Photographer: Justine Milton

Yoorim and Jeremy #yooremy

Oh what fun it was to be a part of this wedding!  The bride herself put in hundreds of hours to make the geometric vases for their center pieces, and boy were they ever pretty!  As I go through the photos from this wedding, I'm finding it difficult to pick which ones to post.  They all look so good! When all the vendors are in sync and our own expertise collectively create a beautifully designed wedding, it just makes my heart skip a beat.  Yoorim and Jeremy, may God bless your marriage as you spend the rest of your lives together as husband and wife.  Encourage each other, love each other, cherish each other. Congratulations you two!


Hello Brides-to-be!  Have you heard?  There's a new bridal shop in YYC!  This charming 2 story bridal boutique is located in the heart of downtown.  Their philosophy is about "showcasing the beauty and strength within all women; representing a woman's uniqueness and authenticity in herself and style".  I had the pleasure of meeting Liane and Brooke a few weeks back, and I am so excited to share that this duo is now accepting appointments!  I promise you will fall in love as soon as you walk in.  I know I sure did :)

PERSY Bridal
BOHEMIAN GYPSY collection 'Butterfly'

Persy Bridal
Le Trésor collection 'Kendall'