Why are wedding flowers so expensive?

We florists spend hours planning and preparing for your wedding. The process begins many weeks before your wedding day, when we sit down and plan out our recipes for your bouquets, arrangements and installations. Because we are also at the mercy of Mother Nature we always need to plan for a Plan B, just incase our preferred florals are not available the week of your wedding. Once we're ready to order your flowers, we connect with our suppliers to check for pricing and availability.  To secure our choice of flowers/foliage our suppliers connect with their suppliers overseas, who then connects with the farms. 

Once your order has arrived, we pick them up at the local wholesaler to bring to our studio for processing. The design happens the day after processing.  On the day of your event there is a lot that goes on ‘behind the scenes’ in terms of managing the logistics of your wedding flowers including packaging and packing each of your items, loading the vehicle and safely arriving to your drop off destination. But it doesn't end there.  The day after your event another full day is scheduled for clean up.

We like to think of ourselves as artists.  We are challenged during every wedding to create something new, something beautiful, but also something that will withstand the heat/cold.  We welcome this challenge for all of our weddings, but we also need to be properly compensated not only for our designs but also for the behind the scene labour that is often ignored in the industry.